Who are we?

The loss of a spousal partner through separation, divorce or death can be a traumatic experience, causing feelings of loneliness and grief. We're here to help you through this. Beginning Experience Dublin is a non-denominational and voluntary peer support group, led by a team of trained facilitators. We are not a social group nor do we provide advice. We simply give support through the sharing and discussion of personal experiences.

Based in Whitefriar Street Community Centre, our two structured programmes help you get closure on the past and create new beginnings in the present. Those who come should be beyond the initial feelings of anger and despair which usually follow the loss of a loved one. If unsure of your readiness for our programmes, get in touch with one of our facilitators who will help you determine if its the right time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do and is B.E. for me?

The purpose of Beginning Experience is to facilitate the grief resolution process for men and women of all ages, who have suffered the loss of a spousal partner through death, divorce or separation.

From sharing our own stories of loss and through listening to others, we have served as wounded healers to the thousands who came grieving the loss of their marriage - whatever their circumstances may be.


Do I have to be Catholic to come?

No, absolutely not. We are a non-denominational peer support group, open to all religions or none.

Will I have to disclose personal details regarding my situation?

The group encourages sharing, but it is up to each individual how much or how little they disclose. Opening up in this confidential, safe setting does help in dealing with the feelings and emotions around separation, divorce or bereavement.

Do I have to be legally separated to take part in the programmes?

No, you do not need to be legally separated to attend.

What are your programmes?

The Coping Programme and Residential Weekend are designed to help people move through a grief process and enable them to create a new beginning in their lives. Click here to find out more about our programmes.

How long does the Coping Programme run and do I need to go to each session?

Our coping programmes run once a week for seven weeks, in February and September. Although recommended, you do not need to come to each session. Click here for dates of our next Coping Programme.

Do I need to book a place on the Coping Programme?

No, you do not need to book a place. You can join us at any stage during the seven week programme and register at the door.

How much is the Coping Programme?

A nominal fee is payable at the door each week.

Do I need to attend the Coping Programme before I attend the Residential Weekend?

No, you do not. However, many people feel it is beneficial to attend the Coping Programme first and attend the Residential Weekend after.

How do I book to attend the Residential Weekend?

You can find information on how to book a place here.


  • Participant, 2015

    When I saw the advertisement for the Coping Programme four years ago, I decided to give it a try.  I had been separated a year and a half and was struggling with all the feelings I had about being on my own after 22 years of marriage.  I had no idea what the programme would involve but was reassured after the first couple of nights that I was in a safe, supportive environment.  The programme covered many topics over the seven weeks which were very beneficial to me.  Everyone, both facilitators and other participants on the programme, were either separated, divorced or widowed. Listening to the facilitator’s talks and how they managed life alone helped me greatly - I no longer felt alone and alienated. I was reassured that I would be able to move forward with my life.

  • Facilitator, 2014

    I attended the Beginning Experience Dublin Coping Programme when I was 2 years separated. I was very angry, confused and completely overwhelmed at what my future held. I found the team extremely supportive and they did not judge. The next few weeks of the programme covered many topics such as trust, changes in family relationships and the grief process. I found each week helped me to deal with all that was going on in my life. I then attended the Residential Weekend which had a profound effect on my life. It helped me deal with all the emotions I was feeling, move on with my life and gave me great hope for my future. I then trained as a facilitator with Beginning Experience. I had received so much kindness and support from the team when I was attending that I felt I wanted to give something back. Every team member has attended both programmes so they completely understand what people are going through. My life has now completely changed and I owe so much to Beginning Experience. As a facilitator, I encourage people to take the first step in re-building their lives, give hope to the future and move towards a new beginning.

  • Participant, 2013

    I am delighted I went to Beginning Experience as it has helped me so much through my separation. It was daunting at first but I found a warm welcome, support and hope from being involved with the group of people there.